Here are the housing aspects we have planned for the original four-acre site at “Dogwood Valley”. As this project is to help raise people and families from the “Rock Bottom of Life” up, the concept of an inclusive community plays into every aspect of life here at Dogwood Valley. These living and community areas will strive to build lifelong supportive relationships for those struggling, in transition, or otherwise able to benefit from this type of environment. From the very beginning of our parent organization’s founding till today family and community have played an important role as we strive to build Strong LOCAL communities through the “Rock Bottom Farms” Program.

  •  “Main House” that is built over / around the existing mobile home. On the basis of a 40′ x 60′ balloon-framed three story pole structure. Primarily using recycled, upcycled, and rough-cut materials. The second and third floor of this structure is six side-by-side areas that are 9 ft x 31 ft ( basically the size of a schoolie bus inside, times two as they have two floors). With a internal stair case between the two floors. The back porch/deck would be 3 ft and run the length. The front porch is 6 ft and runs the length. With stairs on both ends on both front and back. The Front porch overlooking the RV area (“Bus Yard”) and Shop via the woods would have steps into the first floor as well. The far end of the third-floor front porch would be the steps to the “Treehouse”. The rear porch far-end steps would lead to the quiet area / spiritual area. aka “Sanctuary Space” up the hill. And the future “Tiny House Village” on that end. None of these units have wrinning water in them. There is the ability to close off the internal stair case. To facilitate suites or smaller units. The first floor is planned to be a room at each end of the existing now enclosed mobile home that is 15 x 15, and two 12 x 15 rooms in the front area at each end. These four rooms are designated for short-term, overnight, or single guests. The area to the right of the door to the first-floor front will have an office/meeting area consisting of a 20 x 9 area. The existing mobile home bath with shower will be retrofitted and rehabbed to be shared used by the first-floor single room guests and those using the office.  The rear area and center of the existing mobile home will be set up as community rooms for shared community living space.  The single short-term rooms could be overnight housing for those people when they are traveling through.
  • “Sanctuary Tiny House” There is a “semi-private” 16 x 16 “Sanctuary Tiny House” planned to the left of the “Sanctuary Space”. This 16′ x 16 ft Tiny house is for those needing to take a quiet break from the world, reflect, and reset. This is a “TECH FREE” zone and is for up to a 7-day break from the busyness of the world. For reflection and grounding getting one’s bearings right again for those needing it. A disconnection time to reconnect. They would have access to the Community Kitchen and could be brought food from the main community kitchen as needed. Bathroom facilities would be in the bathroom in the 1st-floor main house.
  • “Tree House” This structure is a multi-level tiny house built starting at 16′ off the ground on posts built up around and among the trees. Overlooking the “Bus Yard” and “Shop”. This structure incorporates the natural contour of the hill and trees. This is designed for those wanting to get closer to nature and experience a unique type of tiny home. This structure is designed to sleep eight in a unique cozy enviorment.  Eventually, we would like to build a second one of these on the other end above “Tiny Village.”
  • “Tiny Village” This is our area consisting of six individually unique themed and custom tiny homes. To start with the potential to add 6 more in the future. Behind the “Sanctuary Space.” These homes will Avg 320 to 500 sq ft and sleep four to six people. Built to incorporate the usable materials and natural surroundings. These will use the community kitchen and water house for their kitchen and bathroom/shower needs. These are for longer-term or semi – permanent community members.
  • “The Wall” Campsites for tent campers desiring a close-to-nature experience. We intend to create six campsites that are at the far end of the pasture and some may even be in pasture areas that are for tent camping only. Eventually may add a platform or two with walled tents or yurts for those desiring this type of experience or life.

Other housing-related structures on site:

  • “Sanctuary Space” This is a “TECH FREE ZONE” and includes a 16 x 16 Chapel and a garden area where people can come to meditate, pray, and have a quiet space. This is open to anyone needing this type of experience. Both onsite, those in the local community, and those traveling through.
  • “Community Kitchen” This is a 35 ft oval-shaped community kitchen for cooking and community fellowship. The rear wall will include an 8ft fireplace. This structure is built of rammed earth tires and is primarily a below-grade structure. This structure will double as a “Storm Shelter” for those onsite. A double set of barn doors facing the main entrance and a side door facing the main house and one facing the “Pavalion”. Next to this Structure is the root cellar and washroom both also using the same construction aspects. The roof/ second above grade structure will be a spring kitchen/porch for summer use. 
  • “Community Water House” Adjacent to the washroom will be the series of six bathrooms (toilet and sink) and across from them 6 showers. As well as a horse trough hot tub room heated by wood fire and a horse trough tub room. As well as six additional sinks. Behind all of this will be a utility room with a wood-fired water heater and propane backup. Greywater will be reclaimed for use in agriculture efforts. Black water to septic. This structure will be below grade with rammed earth tires and a beem ceiling. There will also be a laundry area with washing machines
  • “Pavilion”.Located between the “Community Kitchen” and “Tiny House Village” is a Pavilion for onsite community use. Including a BBQ and outdoor oven eventually. Some of this structure will consist of “Cord Wood Construction”.