Dogwood Valley by Rock Bottom Farms.

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc.



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Our Dogwood Valley project of Rock Bottom Farms is located in Saint Clair County, Alabama. About a half-hour from downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The primary focus of this project is to provide emergency, temporary to long temp housing for homeless families in crisis. As well as servicing travelers, domestic violence victims, and others in crisis. Building people and families from the “Rock Bottom Up”.

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Skills Training

Including providing “Skills Training and Employment” (through the STEP Group, a program of GTKYF Foundation Inc), sustainable agricultural experiences, and Old World skills training. This includes providing a safe place and facility for those with schoolies, and vans to work on their vehicles.

Oppertunity to experience a simpler life on a trial run

For those wishing to experience the traveler, off-grid, or more simplistic life we will offer a “trial run”. Providing Schoolies, vans, tiny homes, and other aspects on a temporary basis. Those wishing to see if this type of life fits their family can come and try it out. We envision being able to convert and build these projects onsite. Providing employment for those needing it in both the onsite community and the local community.

A forward base for Disaster Relief efforts

This project will eventually also house a staging area for Disaster Relief efforts provided by Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Helping provide critical rapid response for natural and man-made disasters throughout the southeastern and eastern United States. As storms and disasters seem to be playing an ever-increasing game of cat and mouse each and every year. It no longer seems as though it’s if a storm hits the coastal communities along the gulf. But now is when it hits. The ability to have a base of operations out of the brunt of the storm’s path but within a reasonable drive is important going forward.

The plan is to build out this project through 2025. Some of the key aspects include:

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