March 12th 2022: Update

Alright folks some of you have asked for an update. So here one is for March 12, 2022.

We are STILL HERE! And still plugging away at the project. Be it ever so slowly. A sponsor stepped forward to fund the needs for the next couple of weeks. Including getting a working shower and moving forward with some of the other smaller… immediate needs. Their $2500 made a huge difference in many lives.

From the Bottom of our hearts…

We want to say a huge thank you! Without your care for others, and this effort the continued efforts would have had to come to an abrupt halt.

So, that being said here are the projects we are working on and what we are needing to keep them moving:

  • Repairs to one of the families bus. This bus is what they live in and needs to be a functional home on wheels for the mom and two children. Some of the things that are needed to make this happen.(This is currently being worked on each day):
    • Linsed oil
    • Plexi Glass
    • Oil Cooler for a DT 360 Engine
    • Flooring
    • Electrical system
    • propane system
    • Small effecient generator
    • venting for wood stove
    • thermostate for DT 360
    • mirror arms replaced
    • Tune Up / Greese for the vehicle
    • Tire Mounting for the replacement tires we have for it
    • Top Storage / deck
    • Volonteers to help with the build out of a basic schoolie that is safe and functional for this family.
  • The “run about van” repairs: This Van is the main vehicle currently used to get to the store and run errands. It has aproximatily 340,000 miles. And is in need of some repairs:
    • Timing belt replaced
    • oil change
    • fuel filter
    • Back doors replaced
    • windshield ( got cracked on one of the many rescue missions)
    • DESPERATLY needs NEW Load Range E tires
    • Volunteers to help with these projects
  • Water System issues repaired: The water system for the property needs to have some basic issues addressed to enable the functionality for those onsite:
    • Supply Side:
      • Shower valave and pex piping to make functional
      • PRV installed inline to address the preasure issues
      • Three water leaks addressed and repaired
    • Drain side:
      • Drain from shower and main house bath addressed and repaired
  • Skid Loader work that needs completed: We need someone to DONATE the use of a tracked Skid Loader or the cost of renting one for aprox one week of good weather.
    • Finish grading main parking lot
    • Finish grading Bus Village
    • Finish Grading far end of pasture around the pond
    • RE touch up grading on main road in.
    • Spreading Gravel in Bus Village and Main Lot
    • Need Gravel 20 Loads at 30 tons a load to gravel the main lot and bus village. Aprox $750 a load.
  • Prep Garden area: The main garden area needs prepped prior to the planting day of April 5th. Including:
    • Fence construction
    • Sheet Mulching in place
    • Volunteers needed for this.

These are just the current aspects we are concentrating on right now. Please consider donating HERE and make sure to tag your donation for “Dogwood Valley” project. or Contact us HERE to volunteer.

While our efforts took a setback without the main sponsorship. We will continue our efforts to create a safe place for homeless families, travelers, and those in crisis. It might take us a bit longer, and maybe we get more creative in the way to move forward. But the need for this project continues to grow with all of the happenings and pressures on families and those struggling in our society today.

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